Dr. Julie Belanger is a fantastic doctor!

April 2016, my teenage son was experiencing episodes of vision loss; this occurred several times before he lost his peripheral vision for little over a month This was a very, very scary time for us both. Confused and full of worry, we were referred to Dr. Julie Belanger at Insight Family & Pediatric Eye Care. After she examed my son; she suggested that his heart needed to be checked immediately and recommended that I take him over to the hospital emergency room; which I did. Only to be told that he is “too young & healthy” and “he wouldn’t have any heart problems”. For the next month, statements like these became very commonly heard from the medical professionals we saw. During this time, Dr. Belanger monitored him closely. She demanded that his heart be checked out and quickly spoke up when things weren’t getting done by these other doctors. She expressed her concern for her patient and the importance of having these tests done. This was a huge deal because all other doctors did not want to believe it was his heart (Rex & Wake med ER doctors, primary care doctor, & cardiologist). There was a point that Dr. Belanger had gotten frustrated with the inattentiveness of nothing getting done and the dismissal of her patient and his health. She began closely communicating with my son’s doctors so that the right tests were getting done; only because of her requests! However, my son’s health continue to deteriorate, as we waited for these appointments and tests to be conducted. The outcome of these tests found that my son had a PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale). This meant there was a hole between the two upper chambers of his heart! By time, this was discovered my son had experienced several TIAs (mini strokes-along with the peripheral vision loss) all because the doctors (except Dr. Belanger) saw a young boy in front of them and assumed he had a healthy heart. Believe me, this was very frustrating because neither myself or son could get a reasonable explanation to why he was experiencing all these symptoms. Basically, turned away from two emergency rooms without the proper treatment my son deserved. If it wasn’t for Dr. Belanger medical expertise and her endless efforts to get other doctors (even the cardiologist) to realize the importance to evaluate his heart, my son might not be here today! I honestly mean that too! May 2016, my son underwent surgery to close his PFO and he is now doing great! I am forever grateful for this wonderful doctor. She was a true blessing to us. Dr. Belanger comes highly recommended from both myself, and son. She stands by her patients and their need’s, even when it means advocating for their needs to other doctors/specialists. She’s absolutely amazing! (1.13.2017)

Heather J.

Dr B is top notch in the optical profession, professional, courteous, and above all—caring.
Natalie N.

thank you as well! we love our new glasses! 🤓we will continue to come there for all our eye care needs and spread the word.
Amy B.

thank you for your service
Laura W.

Great staff and knowledgeable doctor.
William M.

Super nice people.
Nina M.

Great care given by Dr. Belanger. Very thorough examination & I would recommend her highly. She takes the time to explain things in simple language that anyone can understand.
Loretta F.

Dr. Julie found a solution to an issue I have been having with my eyes for some time. Then I was fitted for glasses and I am very pleased. Thank You!
Stephen H.

Most thorough exam I’ve ever had!
Loretta F.

Very pleasant experience
I really appreciate Dr Belanger and her staff.
Brenda W.

Dr. Belanger and Staff
Dr. Belanger and her entire staff are courteous and professional… I always have a positive experience when I’m there!
Charlye P.

i wouldn’t want to see anyone else!!! you are awesome!!!!


Lisa S.

i met doctor julie and she’s nice… no problem. i will recommend you guys to my friend…


Jean F.

Both my children had a great experience. I will be scheduling my husband and I an appointment soon!


Maddox N.

Great experience, friendly staff!


Lillian N.

Dr. Belanger and her staff are friendly and professional. I always have a good experience there.


Charlye P.

I’m so happy I went to Dr. Julie she for a problem with my eye that has left not noticed before. She gave me a lot of relief and my vision is much better.


Stephen H.

Eye Visit

I have nothing but good to say about Doctor Belanger. She worked with me to find the right fit for contacts as well as glasses. She was very professional as well as personable.


Denise G.

We thank you i will visit with very pleasant very professional and very nice we love the absolute fear and we love love the people very kind and clean thank you


Lonnie G.

Ur the best 
cant believe  u handle the front office 
Ur patients and the phone 
Ur the 💩💩💩💩💩
U remind me 
Of my 
He is the best man I ever met 
Habe a bless day


Linette B.

Always a pleasant experience, very informative and questions are always answered to my satisfaction.


Alfred C.

Great Dr.
Excellent eye doctor gave a thorough examination and full explanation of every phase. Very kind and empathetic and friendly. Couldn’t be better. A+ plus plus plus plus.


Royal B.

Thorough Doctor
Very nice doctor, professional and receptionist was very nice. The doctor explains everything so you understand.


Stephen C.

Excellent, personable, knowledgeable! Much prefer their care over “chain/big box” optical experience.


Connie K.

I LOVE my Doctor. She went over and beyond what she had to do. I have recommended her to EVERYBODY I know. I give her on a scale from 1 to 10 she gets a 50.


Denise G.

Your service is good and thanks for taking your time to talk with me.


Jim H.

Staff was pleasant, quick, efficient for my needs. Thank you. I have already recommended several people to visit


Joseph G.

New to Area
I appreciate how the doctor takes time to explain in detail about your specific concern or health. She understands the whole operation of her business and shows that she really cares about her patients.


Marisa F-B.

Comprehensive exam
Always professional and responsive to my concerns and questions. I feel I always receive the best care. I would highly recommend Dr. Belanger.


Lynda F.

Great optometrist and staff!


Kristie B.

Excellent Service
Been a customer for 3 years now. Always friendly and excellent customer service. Highly recommend them.


Philip J.

I’ve been with InSight since I moved here over 2 yrs ago. Staff is friendly. I would give a rating of 10. The Dr is very good and always has a good solution for your eye care.


Jim H.

Great service by the doctor
Dr. Belanger is a great eye care specialist and I would recommend her to anyone in need of good eye care. Very professional and excellent service.


Keith A.

I’m so glad Dr. Belanger weathered the pandemic to keep her office open. I appreciate the time and care she takes with the exam. I never feel like it’s rushed or inconvenient. Thank you for providing great care!


Desiree S.

Best of the best
She’s definitely one of the best eye doctors I’ve ever been to. She takes her time. She’s in no rush. And she definitely cares about your needs and your eyes.


Walter S.

Great Job
The Dr. really made it fun for my 3 yr old son. Can’t wait to see him in his spiderman glasses!!!


Andre M.

Personable, professional work
Very thoughtful and considerate examination and eye care. I’m very pleased!


Lynn N.

I was very pleased in the services given to me. Dr. Belanger is very knowledgeable. Office staff was excellent


Antoinette M.

The Best


Eileen C.

Professional and safe
The office was clean and safe. Dr. Belanger throughly examined my eyes and was able to adjust/fix my frames during the same visit. Great work. THANKS.


James B.

Wonderful with Kids
This was my 6 year old’s first time at the eye doctor. Dr. Julie made her feel very comfortable and explained to her (on a kid level) about what she was doing throughout the appointment. My daughter had to have her eyes dilated, (no fun at any age), and Dr. Julie was fantastic. Talked to me and my 6 year old every step of the way! I would recommend Dr. Julie for any age. The office was very clean, and the front desk receptionist was very nice. This will be our family eye doctor from now on.



I really liked Dr. Julie. She’s very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.
Jennifer was very helpful in scheduling the appointment and upon arrival.
I’ll never go to another eye doctor… staying with InSight as long as possible!


April M.

Great experience for my entire family and so very helpful. Looking forward to our next visit.


Judith D.

Awesome Dr Belanger! Fixed me right up & gave me simple clear instructions. Takes time to explain in a way anyone could understand.


Loretta F.

Thank you so much. We are very happy and satisfied with the care and service we have received.


Maudie M.

We are so please with the service and friendliness of Dr Belanger and her staff. Thank you.


Diane B.

Eye glasses

When I was looking for a new pair of eye glasses, J. her assistant picked out a purple frame which I would never have chosen.
It was perfect and looked fabulous.


Lynda F.

Dr Belanger takes time to explain things in a way anyone without medical knowledge can understand. She is pleasant, positive, & very thorough.


Loretta F.

Very pleasant experience

The receptionist was very friendly. The office was inviting. My doctor was very knowledgeable and plainly explained everything clearly. She was kind, patient and made me feel very comfortable. I’ve found my new eye doctor. Prices were very reasonable.


Brendy W.

Best in town 

Dr. Julie is very thorough and clear in her explanations.


Eileen C.

Dr. Belanger and her entire staff are courteous, professional and friendly. I would recommend Dr. Belanger for any of your eye needs!


Charlye P.

InSight is amazing!

I am so please with my Dr. Visit for my 7 year old daughter. We were able to get an appointment right away and it was such an easy process.The staff was amazing. Definitely a place to check visit for your eyecare.


Zyria H.

I was impressed with Dr. Belanger’s thoroughness and intellectual depth.. She pleasant and professional and explained what she doing throughout the exam. I highly recommend Dr. Belanger


Jack S.

New patient observation

I was impressed Dr. Belanger waded through the records I brought reviewing the last year, with three eye surgeries, after we relocated to the area. She was detailed with her exam and spent time answering many questions. The office is smaller than I anticipated, but the service exceptional.


Virginia N.

My visit was great they made you feel like you’ve been going there for years.


Marissa F.

First timer

My visit was great they made you feel like you’ve been going there for years.


Marisa B.


I enjoy my visits to Insight because Julie is such a professional, and really takes pride in helping her patients get the results they need.


Joseph V.

Always enjoy my visit. Prompt. Pleasant. Provides education about eye health. Thanks!


Kathryn B.

First pediatric eye exam

Awesome experience with my son. Solid procedures in place to enforce CDC guidelines during COVID-19 pandemic.


Breyson P.

I was very pleased by the care I received m. Doctor was very thorough and explained as she went along.


Marisa F.

I just want to tell you I’ve seen a lot of different doctors, they could learn a lot from your professionalism you are by far the best doctor caring doctor I thank you very much I’m speechless your that great of a person thank you ?



Very satisfied client
Dr. Belanger was spot on with my treatment. My family and I have used her for the last 6 years. Thank you.


Hattie F.

Thank you very much again for fixing Vince’s eyesight. We will never forget you.?


Michelle M.

Thank you. I didn’t realize what I wasn’t seeing.


Marybeth B.

it’s good to see well!


Desiree S.


Dr. Belanger is the best and most meticulous Optometrist I’ve ever been to. Her office has been a delight to work with over the past few years. Being a health care provider myself, I realize that importance in quality care. Schedule your appointment today, you won’t regret it! (5/22/20)

Great care and personal attention

I found Dr. Belanger after being dissatisfied with other offices. She is thorough, caring and takes her time. I love not being rushed and she puts full focus (pun!) on the patient she is with. Thank you! (5/11/20)

Desiree S

Best Eye Doc Around

Dr Belanger will give you the the most complete exam you’ve ever had. She is concerned with complete eye health, not just a quick Rx. I highly recommend Insight, you’ll never go anywhere else. (5/9/20)

Gordon T

Regarding office communications during COVID-19

Thank you. I appreciate your insights, references, and heartfelt comments. I have forwarded this email to several of my family members. I hope that you will remain healthy & active during this difficult time. (3/24/20)

Guy G

Regarding communication during COVID-19

Thank you, Julie, for this valuable information! Thank you for caring for your patients the way you do….I appreciate you so much. Please be safe(I know you will!) and have a good weekend.(3/20/20)

Charlye P

Regarding communication during COVID-19

Thank you for your timely advice. It is appreciated. I pray that God would keep you and all health care providers healthy and strong during this time of challenge. May you be blessed in your vocations of caring for the health of others. It’s a calling; not just a career. (3/20/20)

Lisa R

Regarding communications during COVID-19

Thank you on behalf of all your patients. Great advice, stay well.(3/20/20)

Cindy T

Regarding communications during COVID-19

Such a Comprehensive approach. Yours should be a model for other Medical offices. Nice job, Dr. Julie !!(3/17/20)

Richard C

awesome eyeglasses and very awesome staff. thank you for caring.(3/11/20)

Gregory B

Very nice
Very nice, small office. Friendly people, and very detailed.(1/23/20)

David D.

Amazing children eye doctor
This is an amazing pediatrics eye doctor office they take their time and explain every step of the way of the exam and also the results which I love. I have never met a doctor , That has patients with my children that are very quiet and nervous but happy to know that they doing awesome work and care about the child’s eyes. Love that she explains everything as she goes and also the results which is excellent for me I would definitely recommend anyone with children that is 5 years old to come(1/20/20)

Emmit A.

Dry Eyes Workshop
I’m so grateful Dr. Belanger recommended me for the dry eyes workshop. I found it very informative and helpful. Offering this workshop is one of the many reasons I will continue to see Dr. B for my eye care. (11.26.19)

Danielle F.

Very thorough examinations. (11.23.19)

Shirley F.

I’m very happy with my first visit. I’m looking forward to a long relationship with inSight! (11.7.19)

Desiree S.

Excellent Service (10/29/19)

Janice B.

His reading is going much better this year and he passed his EOGs! Even when his glasses are off, his left eye, although it shifts, does not drift out like before. It’s made a big difference.(10/24/19)

Michelle M.

Friendly staff. Prompt attention. Dr. Julie gives the most extensive examination that can be imagined. She explains each procedure so that you understand. (9/26/19)

Shirley F.

Great Optometrist (8/24/19)

Jose F.

:))) (3/6/19)

Karen F.

Love the personal attention! I don’t feel as if I’m just another number…thank you! (3/2/19)

Lucy S.

Great visit
We always enjoy the Dr. Belanger. She is very professional and always provides great care for our eyes. We are always seen quickly and the office is clean and organized. (2/27/19)

Jocelyn L.

very satisfied with glasses, thank you! (2/22/2019)

Tracy H.

I love the glasses and appreciate how you treated me. thanks (2/6/2019)

David D.

Great, everything was great. (1.20.19)

Dayanna G.

Best eye doctor we have been to.
We have been coming to see Dr. Belanger for about 4 years now, she is so good with kids, my daughter is 7 and looks forward to her yearly eye appointments. I would definitely recommend this place for anybody looking a good eye doctor great hours and friendly staff. (1.12.2019)

Karrie H.

Hi this is Tanner, I’m seeing better than ever thank you ?(12.22.2018)

Tanner P.

Amazing !
My family and I just moved to the area and our first visit was amazing. The doctor treated out kids like her own. The technology and advanced equipment used was unlike anything we have ever seen. (12.22.2018)

Sean B.

Great Eye Dr, Great Personality, And Great With Kids!! Definitely recommend her!! (12.22.2018)

Dayanna G.

We absolutely adore Dr. Belanger & you will too!!
We wanted to find an eye doctor that wasn’t just your typical quick checkup like at Target Optical. We wanted a doctor we could build a rapport with and get established. She’s so sweet and thorough, feels like an old friend or family member. Her receptionist is awesome, very nice lady also. We have definitely found our families’ eye doctor!! (12.9.2018)

Amanda M.

Great exam. (12.8.2018)

Shirley F.

You all are fantastic and I absolutely love my glasses! (11.22.2018)

Morgan P.

Love this eye Dr!! Thanks for being so good with my daughter. We’ll be back! (11.20.2018)

Caitlin V.

Just want to Thank the Doctor and staff for being very friendly and courteous. I haven’t been to an eye Doctor in 23 years or so and was a little nervous going into this. However,…. once I arrived there, that felling of nervousness was gone. This place is very professional and would recommend this to my family and friends. Thanks again. (11.15.2018)

Dusty G.

Wonderful office! My daughter felt comfortable as soon as the doctor stepped in. Dr. Belanger was amazing with her. (11.10.2018)

Addison M.

Scheduling appointments and getting answers are easy. Dr. Belanger is smart, explains everything clearly, and obviously cares a lot! My son and wife both go to Insight as well. (10.6.2018)

Lucas P.

My visit was informative. staff and doctor were friendly, helpful, and professional in their treatment of me. (8.1.2018)

Wesley H.

You did great!! I am very happy. (7.29.2018)

Sandra O.

This was the most thorough eye exam I’ve ever received using more current methods and machines. (7.21.2018)


The experience was wonderful. The doctor is always so friendly, personable and willing to educate and explain every step of the way. We are very happy that we decided to switch here from Raleigh Eye Center. (7.20.2018)

Nicole M.

Dr. Belanger is very thorough in her eye exams. Dr. Julie Belanger is always prompt in keeping her appointment times. I’ve been seeing her since 2016. She was able to address double-vision eye issues I had that other doctors couldn’t. She is very thorough in her exams. (7.20.2018)

Richard V.

Great job both Andrew and Andrea, appreciate you! (7.19.2018)

Andrea A.

my kids have talked about coming to your establishment and (name retracted) is so happy about his glasses and he has told everyone about them. (6.27.2018)

L. V.

Terrific Team. We were immediately greeted and everything was explained in detail and all staff took the time to explain and talk to my daughter during her first eye exam. It was a pleasure instead of a stress! (6.16.2018)

B. Cox

I have been going to Dr. Belanger for several years. She is a caring professional who wants to make sure you have the BEST eye care possible! I highly recommend Insight Family Eye Care. (6.14.2018)

Charlye P.

Always happy to see you all, feeling like i get great care! (6.13.2018)

Bronwen F.

Very Knowledgeable and Personable (6.9.2018)

Caterina W.

Love Dr.Belanger and Heather, her assistant. Dr. Belanger has taken good care of me for a long time. She is the ultimate professional. I would highly recommend Insight Family Eye Care. (4.28.2018)

Charlye P.

Great experience with my daughter. The doctor explained everything and made my daughter feel comfortable with the visit. They also had a great selection of glasses for young children. (4.26.2018)


The staff at InSight has been both competent and friendly; Dr Belanger has been very thorough, answering questions, offering an alternative to my vision needs that I hadn’t considered. 🙂 (11.11.2016)

Jeff P.

Dr. Belanger has been my sole source for eye care a couple years now. She is friendly and professional and has answered any question I may have about what is going on with my aged eyesight. I have diabetes and HBP, Glaucoma and trifocals, and she keeps up with all that, keeps my primary physician informed, and works well with my pharmacy. Her staff are friendly and courteous. The equipment is up to current technical levels expected and she is very patient with my strong blink reflex. Highly recommended. (February 2016)

Gorrell T.

Very friendly office staff. I called for a new patient appointment on Tuesday and I had an appointment made for 2 days later. Awesome service! (6.29.2015)

Michelle P.

It is always a positive experience working with Dr. Belanger whenever I visit her office. She is always very professional and thorough and has a winning and humorous personality. During my last visit her receptionist was helpful in ordering my new multi-focal contact lenses, which are working out beautifully. I highly recommend InSight Family and Pediatric Eye Care. (6.25.2015)

Lisa R.

The eye exam I received was the most extensive one that I have ever received. She does not miss anything. I am very pleased that I can depend on her to cover any and all issues with my eyes. (6.24.2015)

Shirley F.

I had a wonderful experience with everyone in the office. (6.23.2015)


On time, as always. Thorough, as always. (6.21.2015)

Kelly K.

Excellent care for patients. (6.19.2015)


Genuine sincerity and care for their patients, and always willing to go above and beyond for the cause (6.10.2015)


Dr Bellanger and her staff are nothing less than top notch. Knowlagable and sensitive to the patient’s needs. They definitly go above and beyond. First class in my book. I definitly would recomend them to anyone anytime. (5.21.2015)

Phillip C.

Highly competent, responsive and caring team! (5.21.2015)

James P.

I have regular appointments at Insight for treatment of an ongoing vision problem. Dr. Belanger is always thorough and caring. I have the utmost confidence in her. Melissa is great at the front desk, friendly, caring, and has everything under control. (5.19.2015)

Paul D.

The up most care and attention!!! I needed a last minute appt and they were there for me that day. I enjoyed the visit and how they cared for my daughter that I have made new patient appt for my son and I as well! Great people here! (5.16.2015)

Haley T.

I am very pleased with the care I receive at Insight. Dr. Belanger is caring and compassionate. She has been very thorough in treating my dry eye problem and I am so thankful for that. (5.16.2015)

Charlye P.

I had a (scary) vision episode and called InSight Family and Pediatric Eye Care. Melissa got me in to see Dr. Belanger in a couple of hours. Quick turnaround, Friendly, and Professional; I will be using this office for all my Eye Care needs. (5.13.2015)

Holly L.

Dr. Julie is very thorough in her examinations and explains to her client exactly what is needed. She is patient and does not mind you asking questions if you do not understand her findings. Very reliable. (5.13.2015)

Shirley F.

Dr. Belanger always makes you feel at ease and relaxed she also explains to you what she is doing and addresses any questions you have during the exam. The staff is very friendly and helpful. (4.29.2015)

Alfred C.

Doctor was very professional and friendly. (4.20.2015)

Jean-Pierre E.

Fantastic, as usual…:-) (4.14.2015)

Richard W.

Prompt service and a thorough examination. Excellent knowledge of my specific conditions and willingness to listen to questions about what was going on. (4.11.2015)

Gorrell T.

Even though I have to travel over an hour for an appointment, InSight Eye Care is well worth the extra time. Dr Belanger conducts and complete and comprehensive exam with a warm and professional manner. Also, the staff is helpful, friendly. and informative. (3.27.2015)

Robert P.

Dr. Julie Belanger is very professional, yet friendly. She is the first Eye Doctor of many I have seen that really listens to what the patient has to say and uses the information in her diagnosis and prescription. That is a rare quality among such talented professionals. (3.24.2015)

Bruce L.

The Staff at InSight was very polite and helpful. I found Dr. Belanger to charming, intelligent and easy to talk to. She gave me a full, extremely thorough exam and explained my condition and treatment options to me in easy to understand terms. I walked in more than a little anxious and walked out calm, relaxed and eager to get my eye problems taken care of. I highly recommend. (3.18.2015)

Karl W.

Dr. Belanger and her staff are professional and courteous. My exam was thorough, did not feel rushed and Dr. Belanger took time to explain what was she was doing. I felt I was receiving care, not being move through a queue. (3.12.2015)


Excellent first time visit.. I just moved to Clayton and needed to find a new eye doctor. Over the years I have had multiple medical issues with my eyes. Dr. Belanger nailed my eye history without seeing my records. At that moment, I knew I was in the right place and referred my husband. The staff made me very comfortable as if I had been a patient with them for a long time. Thanks to all. (3.8.2015)


My experience with Insight was great, I enjoyed the treatment that I receive from the staff! (3.5.2015)

Sheila D.

Excellent care and clear explanations. On time which as usual is always a good thing. (2.24.2015)

Michael E.

I felt a little rushed, and the doctor seemed a little irritated, but I do feel that she was thorough and good at doing her job. (2.17.2015)

Sydney Q.

Great new laser glaucoma testing procedure! Sure beats the field vision twitch-if-you-think-you-see-something approach. (2.10.2015)

Richard W.

I found Insight eye to be a very inviting. (2.10.2015)


They were very friendly and help you feel comfortable. The exam was quick and painless with accurate results. All questions were answered and I learned a lot about my eyes and their condition. There were no hidden charges and no push for sales on corrective lenses or contacts. It was an excellent experience. (2.5.2015)

Chad M.

I have since switched to insight because they are honest, willing to help and are very nice. You are treated as a person and not a number. I highly recommend them. (2.4.2015)

Charles B.

Great experience! We didn’t wait at all for our appointments. The staff was friendly and went the extra mile. The dr was professional and fun and really engaged my boys – ages 12 & 18. My one son received contacts and the Dr instantly understood who he was as a person and recommended a product that met his needs – and it was a less expensive options. When it came time to pick out frames, the doctor actually worked with us helping to make the selection. I’ve never had an eye doc do that before. Personal, expert care. We were impressed! (2.4.2015)

Dean P.

My experience was very pleasant. The staff portrays an atmosphere that is very professional and friendly. I really like the personal touch Julie has with her patients and the quality time she spends. (2.1.2015)


Loved my visit thanks. (1.30.2015)

Cora H.

Dr. Belanger knows her stuff. I feel completely confident with her treatment. The entire staff is friendly and accommodating. I always have a good experience with InSight. (1.29.2015)

Pail D.

It was a great experience! (1.29.2015)

Marta P.

This was my mom’s first visit to an Eye Doctor since moving to NC in August. We were very satisfied with our visit. Our appointment time was without waiting. The staff was #1 in Customer Service and Dr. Julie Belanger exams was very thorough. She was fitted for glasses and we are anxious to receive them. (1.28.2015)

Mary M.

Really liked this office. Dr is on top of it! (1.23.2015)

Cynthia P.

I received a warm welcome and a thorough exam from Dr. Belanger. I appreciate the way Insight keeps my regular physician informed of my eye exams and her awareness of how my medical history involves my eyes. (1.22.2015)

Gorrell T.

Super friendly staff that makes you feel at home. They were quick to get me an appointment. TN ey offered a thorough eye exam that was simple and not extremely time consuming. I would recommend insight family eye care to everyone! It was my first time going to an eye doctor in more than 10 years and it was a great experience. (1.17.2015)

Amber B.

Friendly and helpful staff. See you next year. (1.15.2015)

Jasmine P.

Very happy with the service my family receives at InSight. The first thing that impressed me was when I took my very chatty energetic 5 year old son to see Dr. Belanger. He can be quite a handful and she was able to make him feel comfortable, kept him focused, and kept him giggling the whole time. She is very knowledgable in the field as well and was able to identify a previous ailment that left scarring inside my eyes without having to send me to a specialist and end up costing me more money. Br Belanger now treats my entire family and I would recommend InSight to anyone! (1.16.2015)

Ava S.

I am seven years old and found everyone to be friendly and helped me pick out my frames. (1.15.2015)

Lydia P.

Everyone was very professional. It was a comprehensive exam and stress free. Great job! (1.14.2015)

Allan S.

I very much enjoyed my visit at Insight in Clayton! They were able to get me in on short notice and there was no wait upon arrival. Everyone was friendly and the doctor was very thorough! The only thing that upset me was the amount owed. I have been going regularly to the Optometrist since age 4 and have never paid anything near this much out of pocket for a routine exam/CL check. Everything was billed medically so it was much more expensive. This would have been nice to know at the beginning of the appointment so that I wasn’t faced with a bill twice what I expected. Otherwise, however, I was very pleased! (1.8.2015)

Michelle M.

They were very helpful and honest. (1.7.2015)

Charles B.

InSight is not another Big Box optometric afterthought or national eyeglasses assembly line: it’s personalized care expertly delivered by an outstanding practitioner and excellent office staff. Richard W. (1.6.2015)

Richard W.

Fantastic service as always! (12.24.2014)

Tyler J.

Very impressed with the service we received! (12.6.2014)


Was very impressed with the level of care my children received. The Dr. was very thorough. We are so glad we came. (12.4.2014)


Loved the late hours and was very comfortable. First time I ever had an eye exam and felt great (11.27.2014)

Linda C.

Dr. Belanger was amazing with my 4yr old daughter. My daughter had an eye injury a few years ago and eye exams have never been easy. But Dr Belanger was able to capture my daughters attention and keep her calm with her soft soothing voice and distraction techniques. This was my daughters most thorough eye exam ever. I was so impressed I scheduled an appointment for myself and I have been raving about her to anyone I know with children. Thank you Dr Belanger for doing such a great job. (11.8.2014)

Samantha B.

Awesome with an antsy, active, strong-willed 2 1/2 year old boy!!! (11.7.2014)

Jaxon W.

I went to InSight for my first eye exam in 4 years. A few years ago I tried contact lenses but they kept popping out. I’ve worn glasses for about 12 years and my eyes have gotten progressively worse but I wanted to try contact lenses again. Dr. Julie was really nice and thorough. During my exam she fitted me for contacts, put them in herself, and then taught me how to do it. She examined my eyes again ensuring the fit and prescription were perfect, she took her time making me feel not rushed, which is something no optometrist has ever done for me. The contacts stayed in and seeing without glasses on was awesome! The doctor was knowledgeable and communicated with me, letting me know what she was doing, why she was doing it, and what she learned from doing it. In the end, I walked out confident that I had healthy eyes, a new prescription, and contacts that would help me see more clearly. (10.28.2014)

Tom P.

Best eye care in town. Dr. Belanger is awesome! (10.28.2014)


Wonderful as always. (10.25.2014)


Great service. (10.17.2014)

Linda C.

I have had issues with receiving my son’s glasses for 2 years in a row. My understanding was that an insurance issue was to blame, but none of this was communicated to us at any point. We waiting months after seeing the doctor, and no updates, emails, or phone calls. The diagnosis was excellent, the doctor is very knowledgeable, however whomever handles the paperwork/insurance claims should be able to communicate with the patients better, especially when there are so many ways to connect. Unfortunately, we will not be returning and have spread the word to others about our experiences BOTH times. (10.10.2014)

Terris H.

Dr. Belanger is very thorough with her examinations. The office is very nice and the staff was friendly. (10.1.2014)

Jennifer F.

I am 32 years old and this was my first eye exam ever…if you don’t count the letter charts in elementary school. Dr. Belanger was incredible. She explained everything as we went through all the tests. She was very patient with me as I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing during many of the procedures. It was an absolutely fantastic experience. Even the receptionist was friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Belanger and Insight Family and Pediatric Eye Care. (9.24.2014)

Mitchell F.

Always an interesting and informative session with Dr. Julie. She is so sincere and makes you feel comfortable when explaining your issues. (9.17.2014)

Shirley F.

I took both my children to see Dr. Belanger. She was very friendly and professional. The kids felt comfortable with her. I highly recommend this optometrist. (9.5.2014)

Abigail T.

I was very satisfied with my visit at dr julies office. have already mentioned to several people how positive my experience was. (9.4.2014)

Michael R.

I was treated like a queen from the staff to the dr. herself. I would recommend Insight family and pediatric eye care to every one who needs Optometry care. I know you won’t be disappointed. (9.1.2014)

John L.

I absolutely LOVED going here. My 3 boys went there and were treated with great care. Dr. Belanger was so professional and my boys couldn’t stop talking about the whole appointment for the whole car ride back to school. Everyone was friendly and my boys were treated like they were the only patients that they had. It was a fantastic experience and I will continue to go here. (8.30.2014)

Austin G.

Minimal wait time and caring concern about my worsening glaucoma. Good service and a friendly attitude. Great place to care for my aging vision. (8.25.2014)

Gorrell T.

The review was great. (8.21.2014)

Ernest P.

Dr.Belanger was very personable and professional. She made sure that our visit was a great one, quick yet thorough. My son Brett is Autistic, and she did wonderfully with him, not even knowing of his disorder. For once, I felt like I did not need to interject and make a point to make it known that he has sensitivity issues. What a nice change for us! I plan to make this our family eye care practice, for myself and husband as well as my son, and look forward to having Dr.Belanger as our Optometrist. Thank you! (8.13.2014)

Tawnya P. & Brett P.

Great service for my difficult optical needs. Fantastic! (8.5.2014)

Ashley M.

Service best around so far been to other places not to good. (8.2.2014)

Ernest P.

Always the best 🙂 (8.1.2014)

Liam C.

I saw Dr. Belanger for a contact lens fitting this past week. As always Dr. Belanger was courteous and professional and a pleasure to interact with. She is also a pediatric physician and has a wonderful bedside manner with little ones. I highly recommend Insight Family and Pediatric Eye care. (7.26.2014)

Lisa R.

I was very pleased with my 9yr old first visit here. Staff and Dr. Belanger were nice and professional. She took the time to understand my daughters specific needs. She explained to me thoroughly about my daughters vision and how we could correct/help make things better for her with her new prescription of glasses. We will continue to go to Insight and I will surely refer my family and friends. Thank you Dr Belanger & Staff. (7.24.2014)

Amyah D.

Dr. Belanger was fantastic. Extremely thorough. She listened to all of my needs and answered all of my questions. Dr. Belanger is succinct, efficient yet caring and patient. Great experience all around. Location is very convenient as well. I am a new patient and will remain a patient after this impressive visit. (7.3.2014)

Ashley M.

The Doctor was very nice and very helpful. She helped me and my 5 year old little girl feel comfortable and understand the process. She was also very helpful when we both picked out glasses and wasn’t pushy trying to sell the most expensive frames she had. (7.3.2014)

Joseph M.

I went to different eye care center since I was 10 years old and nobody until my visit to Insight Family told me what happened in my eyes. The Dr. is very sociable and handles Spanish correctly. And the exam was fast but complete. This center really takes care of patients and their needs. Thanks again for your good work and for your quality service!. (7.2.2014)

Monica O.

Dr. Belanger is the best. She is very knowledgeable and thorough. You couldn’t ask for a friendlier, more caring doctor. Her staff are always polite and friendly and truly want to do the best for the patients. I’ve been extremely satisfied with the care I’ve received. (6.9.2014)

June S.

Excellent care and service. We will continue to come to this office for our eye care. Short wait time. Very gracious if an appointment needed to be changed. It is worth the hour we travel to be seen in this office. (5.14.2014)


There’s nothing like the feeling of Tender Loving Care, regardless of your age! I appreciate your concern. (4.23.2014)

Katrina W.

It was fast and fun. (4.21.2014)


Dr. Belanger is very knowledgeable and always friendly. My 5 year old twins love her the “games” she plays and her singing while doing their exams. Sandra P (4.7.2014)

Sandra P.

Dr. Julie Balanger was very professional. She gave a thorough eye exam and has a great personality.I highly recommend her. I left her office very satisfied. (4.3.2014)

Albert L.

My three year old and I had a great experience at Insight Family and Pediatric Eye Care. Working with a toddler can be a challenge but Dr. Belanger was very patient with him and used multiple strategies to keep him focused on the task. She knew when it was time for him to take a break and was very helpful. (3.27.2014)

Jayce S.

Friendly. Informative. And had fun picking out glasses. (3.6.2014)

Gloria M.

This was my daughter’s first time going to the eye doctor and it went really well. The doctor did an awesome job with her. (2.28.2014)

Alison M.

This exam was so much more than I had ever experienced by an optometrist before. It was reminiscent of exams in opthamologists offices. (2.12.2014)

Lucy B.

Though my appointment was professional and pleasant, I am glad I was present for my son’s appointment as well. Dr. Julie kept us laughing and has an good with all 3 of my children ages 9 yrs, 4 yrs, and 11 months. (1.26.2014)


I was given an appointment on the same day I asked and the eye exam was quite thorough. This is important since I have diabetes. The staff was very friendly and choice in frames was huge. (12.23.2013)

Gorrell T.

Will return next year; pleasant experience. (12.14.2013)

Jasmine P.

Nice people, on time, attentive to details. (12.12.2013)

Kurt R.

Loved it my daughter was really happy when she left her appt. (12.5.2013)

Kristy P.

Very professional and Dr. Belanger is really nice. (12.2.2013)


My child is autistic, and I found this doctor to be so kind and understanding while dealing with him. Very clean, friendly and prompt office. (11.20.2013)


and Dr. Belanger were very understanding and helpful throughout my visit, both before and upon arrival. I rescheduled my appointment originally from 10 am to 3 pm in the afternoon. Then when I realized I was running late due to a store call in Greenville I was able to call to let them know and Melissa held my appointment for me regardless of my being 20 minutes late. I love the fact that they were so understanding and it was realized that i wasn’t intentionally behind. I felt very badly that I was late, especially after I found out that Dr Belanger was running behind for the delay. I spoke with her directly about that fact that I felt I was to blame and she seemed very unconcerned and more so about making sure my visit went smoothly. Dr. Belanger is a true professional and was able to help put me at ease about my experience and even offered advice while I was having to choose my first pair of glasses. Thank you for your help! (11.7.2013)

Alan S.

I took my son to Dr Belanger at the Clayton office. She is excellent. Ben is easily distracted and she was so good with him. i would recommend her to anyone. The staff was friendly as well. (11.1.2013)


Dr. Belanger was great with my 3 year old son. (11.1.2013)


From Makaylas Mom…great as always. 🙂 (10.31.2013)

MaKayls J.

It was my first time, ever going to a eye dr. at first nervous but she did a super job. . (10.18.2013)

Daszia W.

Excellent care. Pleasant, friendly staff. I never felt rushed. (10.9.2013)


Very professional office and great eye care. (10.18.2013)

Randy M.

What a blessing this is for me to see! 🙂 Thank you all for recognizing your clients on their Birthday and a discount…Whoo! Hoo! May each of you continue to be blessed. 🙂 (10.10.2013)

Linda M.

Dr. Belanger has great service and her personality is great also. I would recommend anyone to her office for her services. (10.3.2013)

Lakisha R.

Great service! (9.28.2013)


Thank you, we felt very welcome and Makayla was very comfortable. Thank for taking the time to see us and Melissa you were an awesome help. Many blessings to you both. 🙂 (9.28.2013)

MaKayla J.

Wonderful experience. Great with kids. (9.19.2013)

Liam C.

Had a sudden eye problem, called the office and was told to come in in one hour and I will be seen by the doctor. I had an exam and everything was explained as Dr. Belanger went along which eased my mind and made the process relaxing. Good service, helpful and pleasent staff and a caring Doctor what else would you want. Thank you for seeing me so quickly and the care. (9.7.2013)

Alfred C.

My 10 year old son is non verbal autism and he can get very upset and react in a negative way to some people…but..Dr was very patient with him. She thought he did great though I know he was a bit of a handful..he was treated with the respect and patience. I was very happy with our service at insight. (9.6.2013)

Justus P.

Wonderful professional and person. (8.27.2013)

Gabe D.

Dr. Belanger is fantastic! She is very patient and the office is always clean, comfortable and inviting! (8.26.2013)


I’ve had three of my children’s eyes evaluated so far and I ADORE Dr Belanger! One of my children has special needs and requires patience and coaxing for cooperation, and where most doctors have a hard time making her comfortable, Dr Julie just gave my daughter time (and plenty of smiles and encouragement) and my special girls’ anxiety was greatly reduced! It’s amazing what a difference a doctor can make when they have a mind to treat everyone in your family as they would one of their own. I’m grateful and we are more than happy to be her patients. (8.23.2013)

Tamia C.

We really loved the service. (8.16.2013)

Jaden H.

Great experience. Will definitely return to this location for all eye exams. (8.9.2013)

Zachary B.

Great experience! Friendly, welcoming. (8.3.2013)


Really felt like a person and not another number. Highly recommend Insight for all your family eye care. (7.31.2013)

Emma S.

We had a very nice experience. Very professional office. I will be recommending this practice to others. Thank you so much for seeing us. 🙂 (7.27.2013)

Amber S.

The Doctor knew how to redirect my toddler in times of fear and misbehaving. She was professional and offered lots of smiles. (7.24.2013)

Kale P.

Wonderful experience. Very personable, attentive and efficient. (7.24.2013)


Very thorough, comforting exam. Spends the time needed to explain. (6.23.2013)

Richard C.

Great Service! (6.20.2013)

Terry D.

Always a pleasant experience. Efficient and top-notch professional office and staff. Routine eye care is very positive, and when I needed semi-urgent care, I was given prompt attention. (6.19.2013)

Janis S.

The Visit was good. I felt it was very thorough and she answered my questions well. James C. (6.8.2013)

James C.

Insight was very good with my 5 year old..they seemed to know how to get a child to listen and not be scared.she is a very sweet funny lady…and very respectful to the children as well. (6.7.2013)

Kale P.

I was very satisfied with my overall experience at InSight Family and Pediatric Eye Care. Dr. Belanger is super friendly throughout the exam and extremely helpful and hands on when assisting to pick out frames to best compliment her customers. (5.31.2013)

Amanda B.

I visited InSight Family and Pediatric Eye Care today as somewhat a walk-in with concerns about my left eye. I was completely satisfied with the timeley manner in which I was seen & the genuine concern shown by the doctor. I recommend this eye care facility to anyone who is seeking an Optometrist. (5.28.2013)

Terry D.

Dr. Belanger was very thorough in her examination, took her time and explained each aspect of the exam. (5.10.2013)

Greg E.

Dr. Belanger is fantastic. She is patient and energetic and very knowledgable. I would love for all of my friends and family to be her patients! (5.9.2013)


The exam was very thorough and she explained everything well. (5.2.2013)

James C.

The whole visit went very well. (4.22.2013)

John M.

Dr. Belanger was her usual attentive and pleasant self. I am so glad that I went back to purchase my new bifocals from her. I can’t wait until they come back from the laboratory. (4.20.2013)

Lisa R.

It is very difficult to get in contact over the phone; however there was a speedy response through the online appointment process through the business website. (3.27.2013)


My experience was very good. The doctor was awesome and they are very quick. (2.16.2013)

Jessica J.

I really appreciate the warm comfortable atmosphere. Dr Belanger has a nice welcoming spirit which makes me want to bring my kid back!! (2.15.2013)


My experience was very good. The doctor was awesome and they are very quick. (2.16.2013)I always wondered how vision could be tested in a child so young. She has the perfect personality for the job! We had a pleasant, informative experience and we look forward to our next visit. (2.9.2013)

Jenna H.

It was a fantastic experience , insight vision and the complete staff took real good care of me. i would highly .recommend family and friends to this facility. (2.8.2013)

Linda W.

I love this place!! They are always so awesome and so friendly. I highly recommend this office!! (2.8.2013)

Michelle M.

Dr. Belanger was thorough and professional. She is an excellent optometrist. Full disclosure: I am a friend of Dr. Belanger’s from church, but I am not exaggerating any. She truly is excellent, and I highly recommend her. (1.25.2013)

Paul S.

DR. J., Made me at ease and comfortable.,she is now my eye doctor.When my husband need’s new glasses he will also come to DR. J. (12.31.2012)

Diane D.

The care we received was adequate. I was a surprised that the only person working in the practice was the optician. She handled the front desk as well as all of the testing in the exam room. I had hold my young child down myself while she placed the drops, and serve as her assistant while she performed various tests. I’m not sure if this is the norm or if I was pulled in because she had no assistants. Perhaps she was just in a transition phase between staff members, but it was nothing I had experienced before. (12.23.2012)


I really appreciated the customer service. very friendly and helpful. (12.21.2012)

Kathryn B.

Julie was excellent and through. (12.21.2012)

Lizbeth J.

Very nice, very patient with my 3 year old. (12.10.2012)


Had a great visit. Would def. recommend Dr. Belanger to Friends and Family . Will see you in 2013 for my contact lens exam. (12.7.2012)

Birgit C.

If you are looking for a good Dr. This one is the best! There was no wait time. Everyone was super helpful and friendly and it was extremely thorough. I highly recommend her! (12.3.2012)

Pamela S.

I really did like the service and they very helpful. (11.16.2012)

Kristy P.

Excellent customer service and very thorough exam by Dr. Belanger. (11.12.2012)

Connie G.

She was thorough and explained everything as she went along. She was very reassuring and empathetic. (11.9.2012)

Susan B.

My experience with Dr. Belanger and her staff was excellent. It was refreshing not to feel rushed during an eye exam. I was very impressed with the thoroughness and the time she took to ensure that my contacts fit properly and answer any questions that I had related to my eyes. I was very pleased with the service I received. (10.31.2012)

Linda S.

Insight is the best!!! Love them. They are always super nice!!! (10.27.2012)

Michelle M.

I was very impressed! The service was great! Everyone was very friendly and very understanding. The doctor made sure to explain everything and what it means! (10.5.2012)


I am so glad I stopped by there! I was in need of an after hour eye doc badly! Dr Julie greeted me in the lobby about 10 min til close. Saw my eye & didnt hesitate to work me in. Im greatful I found such a great facility & compassionate Dr. I had been online all day trying to find someone in Wake or Johnston Co to help. Dr Julie is the best! I live in the North Hills area in Raleigh but will not hesitate to make the drive to keep her as my eye dr!!! Very very resonable rates also!! Angela H. (10.5.2012)

Angela H.

We had a wonderful experience taking our child to Dr. Belanger. We truly enjoyed the experience and meeting Dr. Belanger. She was very friendly, thorough, and personable. Our daughter felt completely comfortable and safe and told us she enjoyed her visit to the eye doctor. The receptionist was also very friendly and helpful. There is a wide range of frames to choose from, including: baby,children’s, women’s and men’s frames. The office is child friendly and includes a play nook for small children. We enjoyed our experience so much that my husband and I were seen as walk-ins at our daughter’s appointment. We were very appreciative of Dr. Belanger seeing our whole family. We were so pleased with our experience and highly recommend Dr. Belanger to anyone needing an eye doctor. (9.30.2012)

Faith S.

I enjoyed my experience with Dr. Belanger. It was a very unique experience in that she devoted the time and energy to explaining and providing a thorough examination. She takes the time that is needed with her patients and devotes time to ensure a proper contact fit, eye examination, etc. I would recommend her to my clients, family and friends!. (9.27.2012)

Aliya B.

My experience with Insight Family and Pediatric Eye Care has been very pleasant. Dr. Belanger is very professional yet very down to earth (approachable) and patient. If you’re looking for an Optometrist, your search ends here. (9.21.2012)

Terry D.

I have a complicated prescription. I was very pleased at the thorough and professional treatment I received. I was glad to find a good local eye doctor for myself and my family. (9.6.2012)

Celia B.

Pleasant experience, very prompt & thorough. Will definitely return. (8.30.2012)

Richard C.

Thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Dr. Belanger. She goes above and beyond to provide a full service and complete eye exam. (8.27.2012)

Sydney S.

My decision to switch to Dr. Belanger proved to be a smart one. She and her assistant, Alex, got me in quickly, gave me a quick tour of their state of the art capabilities, then took all the time necessary to give me a thorough exam and answer my questions. I took advantage of their $50 discount on a nice pair of polarized sunglasses. Love the convenient location she chose. (8.18.2012)


Dr. Belanger spent additional time performing her exam. She was extremely thorough. When I had difficulty with a particular screen, she changed to another making my prescription more accurate. She explained the results in detail and answered all questions making sure my eye care needs were met. (8.11.2012)

Lynda F.

I have had a problem with occasional pain in both of my eyes. Dr Belanger was quick to diagnose and give helpful information on alleviating the problem. (8.4.2012)

David S.